Montana May Hunt

Montana May Hunt
Our little cutie! Born December 31, 2012 at 10:09 pm; 7 lbs, 7 oz.; 20 inches long

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Summer Fun with Friends

(This is a post that Josh posted on his other blog "Josh's Bragg Blog", but since it was a family trip, I decided to copy it to our family blog too. He did a good job with it)

Last weekend we went to Star Valley to spend some time with our friends. Becky and Jeramy were visiting from Texas and Colter and Amanda were blessing their new baby boy. Even though they had a lot of family there for a busy weekend, we had a nice place to stay at Darren and Jerolyn's. Sunday evening, Darren took all us to catch crayfish. The kids had a blast!

Hotdog tied with yarn onto a short stick was the crayfish catching machine.

After a few minutes, trophy crayfish were all over the hotdogs. Then you slowly pull them up so they don't fall off.

A Trophy Crayfish!
Easton and Saralyn showing off their skills.
This was something we won't ever forget! Thanks Darren!

On Monday evening, Jeramy and I were able to go fishing...just like the good old days!

Catching Cutthroat like these sure brings back great memories.

We even got to fish 'till dark (thanks to our awesome wives!) and were treated with an gorgeous sunset.

On Tuesday, Tre let us use his horses for day and we were able to give kids a nice ride up in the mountains.

We had a great time with our friends in such a wonderful place. It was really nice getting to spend time together and watching our kids play together now that we're older and all have a family of our own, jobs, and things that keep us busy. I'm sure there will more times like these to come! Thanks again to Darren, Jerolyn, Colter, Amanda, Jeramy, Becky, Tre, and Savannah for being such great friends to have!


We have been wanting a canoe for a long time.  I had only been in a canoe once or twice (when I was small) before I met Josh.  He has lots of fun memories of going canoeing as a kid, and when we visited his family before we were married, we went canoeing and have gone almost everytime after that (when the weather was right).  So, Josh found a great deal on this awesome canoe and decided it was time!  Saralyn and Easton were a tiny bit nervous, but way excited the first time we took it out.   Alma, our cautious and careful one, was terrified--not kidding! 

This was how Alma looked for probably the first 15 minutes-at least- and she was screaming " I want to go back! I want to be back on land!"

"take me back NOW! I don't like it...." and on and on.  I literally had to drag her into the boat.  Poor thing :(
This is how Saralyn looked from the start...ready for a good time :)

And this is how Easton looked at the start.  Riding on the front end, draggin' his legs in the water...No fear.  You can't see his face from here, but you can bet he was probably sucking on his fingers, which translates to "ahhh, this is the life"
After the first little bit, everyone was smiling.  And Alma even said "I like the boat" by the end of the trip.
Here is a deer that Saralyn spotted on the way back
Not the best picture of us, but it's the best I could get since I was in charge of the camera.  At least I have proof that I was there too :)

Saralyn, excited to have her turn sitting up front

I had a hard time getting Easton to look at me.  He was facinated with the water.  On the way back, he actually fell in!  Not all the way in though, just his head and upper body.  Don't worry, I saved him :)  And he wasn't too upset by it.
 So, we had a great first ride out and I am sure there will be many more to come!  Thanks Daddy for making fun memories with us!
**If you're wondering why Easton is wearing a pink Barbie life jacket, well he inherited it from Alma.  He hasn't complained one bit :)