Montana May Hunt

Montana May Hunt
Our little cutie! Born December 31, 2012 at 10:09 pm; 7 lbs, 7 oz.; 20 inches long

Friday, March 12, 2010

New Home :)

I told you we had a lot of news to catch up on! We have been kind of looking for a house to buy or at least a bigger apartment in Morgan (preferrably before the baby arrives). But all the house here have been out of our price range and so we kind of gave up for a while. Well, a few weeks ago, we saw this house in the paper to rent, or to take over the payments to buy, so we decided to check it out just to see if it was even an option for us. It is an older house, but it had some remodel done on the inside. So it wasn't one that we would have to fix up before we could move in. It was actually in better shape and had more space than most of the houses that we had looked at in Ogden. So we were all excited, then frustrated because we didn't see how we could afford it - really. So, we did the math and tried to figure out how much I would need to work (substituting) to be able to afford it. Then Josh went to his boss to ask if he could come in during the evening about once a week so that I could work during that day. He told him that we were trying to get into a bigger place and this is what we had figured out. His boss said he would rather pay Josh what he needs to be able to afford the house...and he was very accommodating. Now we can afford it with Josh's job alone. I'm still going to sub now and then (we'll see what happens when the baby comes) because I think it's a good way to keep my skills up without having to work full time with the kids. The whole situation just worked out perfectly and very quick! With in 1 1/2 weeks we went from not even thinking about moving (in the near future) to being completely moved into our new house! The girls really love it too and it is so nice to have more space. :)The timing couldn't have been more perfect!


Looking down the street

View in front of the house

Backside of the house

Backyard and storage shed

The front room

The living room

In the living room looking into the front room

The kitchen

The hallway from kitchen to bedroom and bathroom

Our bedroom (still have to put up pictures and put some things away)

The bathroom

The back porch (laundry room, storage room, and mud room)

The stairway


Looking toward the storage and toy room

The 1/2 bathroom upstairs

The extra bedroom upstairs

The girls bedroom

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tooth Drama

Well, the other stubborn baby tooth finally came out, but not without a fight! Here's the whole story...
It all started when Saralyn bumped her and it started bleeding. And, in Alma's world, that is the worst thing that could happen! Alma and the sight of blood do not mix - no matter how much I assured her she would be okay. She was positive it would bleed forever! Our sweet little girl is terrified of pain and she worried herself sick of how much it might hurt. This started on a Thursday. She wouldn't eat anything because it might hurt her tooth. By Friday, she was not eating or talking - ALL DAY! I could barely get her to drink anything. Friday night, Josh and I tried to hold her down and pull it out - well, I'm sure you can guess how well that went over. Needless to say, that tactic didn't work.Saturday morning she woke up crying because her stomach was hurting (having not eaten since Thursday morning, I would have been feeling the same way!) This broke my heart! I could see how badly she wanted to eat, but she was so scared that she wouldn't. We even made cookies to try and get her to eat and help pull the tooth out, but when they were done she just looked at them with this really sad face and walked away :( Anyway, I had been putting the dentist off because I just knew this extremely loose tooth would come out on it's own. Since that didn't seem to be happening, I luckily found a dentist that was open on Saturday until 12:00 that was able to squeeze us in (afterI called and broke down in tears becasue I didn't want my daughter to starve..I know, I am so much like her it's scary). Anyway, the dentist did an excellent job calming her down (he gave her a gas mask and turned on the cartoons) and before she knew it her tooth was out.

I actually had to tell her that it was gone because she didn't even feel it! So we survived. Saralyn was kind of funny because when we first arrived at the dentist, she kept asking me if she was going to get "poked" too. What a sweetie, she thought they were getting shots and she was worried! She really worries about her big sister, and Alma does the same for her. It's nice to see how much they really love eachother, even if they do have their "arguments" every now and then. :)

Potty Training...Done

First I want to start by saying Saralyn is potty trained!!! We started working at it a few days after Meloday got here, and by the time she went home, Saralyn had going to the potty down almost perfectly :) She does have an accident once in a while, but it's usually because she is too busy to remember that she has to go. :) She doesn't even have to wear a diaper at night or during naps. Don't ask me how I got so lucky, she did that part on her own. I would just check her in the morning and she was always dry, so I just left her in her panties and she hasn't had one accident! Good Job Saralyn! We are so proud of you :) Here's a couple pictures of the cute little stinker
"Take a picture of me Mom"