Montana May Hunt

Montana May Hunt
Our little cutie! Born December 31, 2012 at 10:09 pm; 7 lbs, 7 oz.; 20 inches long

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sweet Baby Boy

Our Baby Boy is here at last! Easton Joshua Hunt was born on Thursday, April 8th, at 9:48 pm. He weighed 7 lbs. 10 oz. and measured 20 1/2" long. He has a lot of blonde hair and blue eyes. His birth was a memorable experience for all of us. He was due on Monday (Saralyn's birthday) and was making us all very anxious by Thursday. So our doctor decided it would be good to get things moving along on Thursday and after our appointment recommended we do a lot of walking. So all day Thursday we did a lot of shopping with Sharolyn (Kerrilyn's mom). We then went out to Chili's and Kerrilyn ate some jalepeno's and spicy chicken. Although Kerrilyn was having some contractions, they were not very regular and soon passed. So we went back to see our doctor again that afternoon and then went home. It was still a very nice day so the girls played outside and Kerrilyn did a little bouncing on the neighbors trampoline. Then I decided it would be good to do some more walking. So we went for a long walk together around home. We were both very tired from walking all day already, however, I asked Kerrilyn if we should still keep walking and we agreed it would be good since she was beginning to have regular contractions that were just beginning to get stronger. After more walking Kerrilyn rested at home to see if her contractions would continue. Within a few hours she firmly stated "it is time to go". So we quickly got everything in the car, dropped the girls off at our friends house in Morgan, and drove back to Ogden to the hospital. During the 20 minute drive the contractions continued to get stronger and of course we had to get every red light on the way there. We arrived at the hospital at 9:13 pm and within a short 35 minutes our baby was born. Our doctor literally made it time just to recieve the baby as he came out. Kerrilyn had no pain killers and did an amazing job of giving birth! I am still so proud of her. She had no complications and is recovering very quickly. We spent the the night at the hospital. In the morning Sharolyn and I went and brought Alma and Saralyn to see their new brother. Saralyn's eyes were the size of a silver dollar and Alma was very happy to have a new brother. Both girls were very gentle and protective when they got to hold their little brother. Kerrilyn's grandparents Val and Marla Anderson also visited us on Friday at the hospital which was very special. Later Kerrilyn's dad, Mike, and her brothers, Tyler and Tucker, drove down to see the new baby too. Since Kerrilyn and the baby were healthy and showed no signs of needing to stay at the hospital we were able go home Friday night. It was nice to sleep in our own beds. Sharolyn was a lot of help when the baby woke up during the night so Kerrilyn and I could get a little more sleep.
We are so thankful for his safe delivery into our family and are grateful for the gifts and help that we have received.