Montana May Hunt

Montana May Hunt
Our little cutie! Born December 31, 2012 at 10:09 pm; 7 lbs, 7 oz.; 20 inches long

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Memorial Day campout

For Memorial Day the Briggs fam usually tries to go camping, so camp we did in the rain...and snow...but it was fun! mostly :) Anyway, it's always fun to spend time with family away from the everyday distractions. Great Grandma and Grandpa Anderson were even able to come with us this time!
Easton eating a delicious ear of corn (with a little help from Dad)

Saralyn asleep with Great Grandpa

As I mentioned, it snowed and rained quite a bit and thankfully, we had some trailers to hibernate in :) G. Grandma and Grandpa invited all the great grandkids to come and watch a movie in their nice warm trailer :) They had a lot of fun and were grateful for the warmth :)

Trip to the bathrooms with Grandma Briggs

Aunt Megan and Uncle Tyler roasting marshmallows

Alma and Saralyn...just chillin' (literally)

Hanging out with Uncle Tyler

Great Grandma snuggling little Kenzly

All in all, it was a pretty fun trip. Next year, however, I think my vote may be to wait a week or two and hopefully miss out on the snow :)

School's Out!

Alma had a wonderful teacher this year for Kindergarten. Her name is Mrs. Stevens and I think she was the perfect match for Alma. We were lucky because this year was actually her last year teaching before retirement! Alma was a little bit shy and nervous about doing things perfect at the first of the year, and Mrs. Stevens made her feel better and helped make her very first year of school GREAT! She loved kindergarten and can't wait for 1st grade--although I think I can ;) I'm going to miss her when she is gone all day, but I guess I'll have to find someway to survive:) She's growing up so fast!

Alma and her teacher

Saralyn also had a fun last field trip with her preschool. We went to a farm here in town.
They were a little nervous at first to pet the horses, but after they got used to it they thought it was pretty cool.

We went into the milking area and they got to see the cows being milked. It was pretty funny, we were all standing there listening to her tell us about how much milk they make and how often they are milked and I guess one of the cows got nervous or something and pooped and we all got a little splattered! Luckily, none of us got it to bad, just a few speckles here and there, but yeah, we all went home and had a bath

This is how Saralyn looked for a big part of the field trip "Mom, it STINKS!"

We also saw goats...

And baby cows that the kids got to name :)

What a fun (although stinky) trip!