Montana May Hunt

Montana May Hunt
Our little cutie! Born December 31, 2012 at 10:09 pm; 7 lbs, 7 oz.; 20 inches long

Monday, April 6, 2009

Eating the Cake

Sorry, my posts are a little out of order, but if you continue reading you're sure to get all the inside scoop on the 2nd birthday of little "Saralyn-ie" She had a lot of fun....and a lot of sugar!
We got a few more pictures of Saralyn blowing out the candles and eating the cake so...enjoy!

Doesn't that look delicious? If you look closely you can see the drool that may or may not have landed right on the cupcake. Good thing the candle was on a cupcake and not on the cake. Pretty good skills with a camera catching that kind of action, though. Good job Daddy!

She's 2!!

Saralyn's birthday was on Sunday and I am still having a hard time believing she is already 2! But she had a blast, as soon as she realized the cake and the balloons were for her. The cake (posted below) was awesome. However, we were up until about 2:30 making it (by we, I mean Amanda was actually working, I was watching and trying not to mess anything up). Anyway, of course, Saralyn woke up at about 2:00 AM, and I'm pretty sure she thought it was time to be awake because usually when she wakes up in the middle of the night she finds me in bed, not in the kitchen with all the lights on. Well, I tried to keep her away so she didn't see the cake, but it didn't work. She was in awe. And when we finally decided to go to bed and finish in the morning, she was very upset because she did not get to eat any! I thought it was pretty funny... well I though it was funny in the morning after I had some sleep! Here are some pictures of the celebrating.

This was her face when she first saw her bike

When she was opening her other presents and saw what is was, it was always accompanied with a very energetic "YAAAYYYY!!!" Even with the cards! it was great :)

She thought the sunglasses were great and she HAD to have them on while riding her bike..too cute!

Alma was right there eager and willing to help if Saralyn showed any signs of needing help with opening her gifts. She's such a good big sis!

We missed having family around because for the past two years we have had a lot of family for the birthdays. But we got to talk to all of them over the computer using SKYPE and we also enjoyed having our friends there to celebrate with us!

The Barbie Cake

Our friends Colter and Amanda and their kids, Anna and Nathen, came down to visit for the weekend and Amanda made this cake for her birthday. I thought it was pretty awesome, so I want to show it off! :)

The barbie was really cute, but we couldn't figure out what was going on with the hair. Saralyn loved her anyway!