Montana May Hunt

Montana May Hunt
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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Melody's Visit

Since I have been such a slacker, I am going to take post about one event at a time (hopefully I'll be able to post once a day for the next few days) and hopefully I won't get burnt out posting and you all won't get burnt out reading :)

We all had a very fun time when Josh's sister, Melody, came to visit us during January and part of February. (And wish she could stay with us all the time!) She was able to stay for quite a while and it was so fun having her here. We miss her and are so thankful she took the time to come and visit us! We showed her some of the fun sights here in Utah, and Josh had fun hiking her all over his antler mountain! I have discovered that I am not a wimp, Mel didn't like hiking in snow up to her knees either! :)
She and the girls did have a fun time building a snowman. I haven't been too excited about getting outside, so the girls loved having her help them.

One place she wanted to see while she was here that we hadn't gotten a chance to see yet was Antelope Island. We had a good time and saw all kinds of wildlife - bison, coyote, eagles, deer ("big bucks!"-josh), but strangely no antelope. Hmm...

Anyway, we had a fun time together. We also took her around to see a few of the places we enjoy, but it was mostly fun just having her around. :)
Josh had a few animals in a taxidermy competition in Salt Lake City, so we had some fun going there and looking around. He did really well with two first place ribbons and a "Best of Show" award. He was excited, to put it lightly :)
Fallow Deer

Whitetail Deer

We also went ice skating again, which the girls loved! thank goodness daddy and aunt Mel were there because mommy wasn't much help, except to take pictures :)

During the time that she was here I started substitute interpreting here and there and she was so helpful in watching the girls when I was called in. I cannot express how grateful I am to her for that and just being so willing and excited to spend time with the girls. They know they are loved! :)
Speaking of being loved--Melody's awesome boyfriend proposed to her the night she got home!! Congratulations you guys! We are so happy for you. And much to our surprise, our wonderful family all pitched in to buy our plane tickets to come out during that time! We are so blessed! Thank you guys so much, we hope you all know how thankful we are to you. And we are very much looking forward to that trip and the time we will be able to spend out there with all of you!